Training | Biodiversity footprint & reporting for financial institutions

Get familiar with the biodiversity footprint regulations and the related risks to which institutional institutions are exposed

  •  Get familiar with the biodiversity footprint framework and key players for financial institutions
  •  Understand biodiversity footprint regulations and reporting for financial institutions (European Taxonomy, TNFD, SFDR, French Article 29,…)
  •  Learn more about the double materiality approach (physical and transition risks of portfolios)
  •  Discover the tools and initiatives of the financial sector regarding biodiversity footprint

Note: Training only available with the validation of “fundamentals of biodiversity footprint”
Training in English 
Duration: 2 half-days (7h)
Price: €2100 VAT excl. per person (package including Fundamentals of biodiversity footprint training)

GBS Niveau 1- Introduction à l’outil GBS