Webinar | Consultation of the benchmark factsheet Raw materials extraction

Consultation of the benchmark factsheet on the raw materials extraction sector

📆 On 16 February, 2023, CDC Biodiversité organises a consultation webinar on the benchmark factsheet on the raw materials extraction sector.


📢 About this event

The benchmark factsheet is designed for companies or investors to assess a sector’s impact on biodiversity. An explanatory appendix supports it. Companies can use the factsheet to compare their impacts (e.g. assessed with the Global Biodiversity Score tool) to the sector average or to estimate their impact and main pressures on biodiversity. Also, investors can use it to screen their biodiversity impact, or rate specific companies’ performance against sectoral benchmarks. Finally, factsheets will help nourish the work of the EU Green Taxonomy by identifying low impact companies.

We have launched with sectoral partners in the B4B+ Club a first consultation on a benchmark factsheet for the raw materials extraction sector (the fifth of a series of 13 sectors) and we are looking for further feedbacks from companies, financial institutions, governments, NGOs on the content and format of this benchmark factsheet. Its technical appendix is also available for an online consultation. It is best to have quickly read the factsheet before the event.

The webinar is not a large launch event for the factsheet but rather a consultation where we welcome comments and observations from all the interested stakeholders.


📌 Agenda

Welcoming words 👋
Introduction to the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)
Overview of the benchmark sheet
Key biodiversity impacts & dependencies of the industry
Deep dive on the biodiversity impacts of the industry
Reduction actions & environmental safeguards
Key messages
Other comments on the factsheet or its appendix
Final words

💻 Zoom information

To come.
[Please note that this will not be a GBS presentation]