Webinar | Integrating nature into business as usual

What are the main impacts and dependencies on biodiversity emerging from the Agriculture and Agrifood sector? How can biodiversity footprinting help companies and investors understand the relationship of the sector with biodiversity, and integrate it into their strategy in the most efficient way?

On Monday, 20th November at 15:00 CET, the B4B+Club Secretariat (hosted by CDC Biodiversité) and the World Benchmarking Alliance will be co-hosting a virtual webinar on their respective benchmark workstreams for the Agriculture & Agrifood sector.

At this occasion, the World Benchmarking Alliance will present the results of its 2023 Nature Benchmark and the key messages emerging from its results in terms of the current action and nature-related disclosure undertaken by Agriculture & Agrifood companies. They will highlight key findings, recommendations, and best practices.

CDC Biodiversité will complement this analysis with its own quantitative benchmark analysis on the biodiversity impacts and dependencies of the sector and explain the role of biodiversity footprinting in helping companies and investors understand where they stand and what are the most pressing challenges and hotspots of impacts.

Registration at this link 👉 https://cutt.ly/7wRrAlj5.

Webinar | Integrating nature into business as usual