Webinar | Open-source version of the Global Biodiversity Score

On April 11, 2024, CDC Biodiversité will launch an open source and open data version of its tool for measuring impacts and dependencies of economic activities, the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS).
This version called “GBS open” will be accessible for free, in a commitment to transparency and openness in our methodologies and our work. Alongside this open version, the current complete version will still be accessible through a licence or with the help of an external assessor.
This webinar will address the implications of the release of an open version of the GBS and answer all your questions regarding your current and planned use of the GBS.
Whether you are an academic who wishes to use the GBS for your research, a company or a financial institution who wants to assess their biodiversity footprint, come find out what this news will change for you and how to use the GBS!

Agenda :

  1. Presentation of the features of GBS open
  2. Insights on the integration of GBS open with the footprinting ecosystems
  3. Q&A
Webinar | Open-source version of the Global Biodiversity Score