Webinar | Presentation of the trainings on biodiversity footprint and the GBS tool

📆 On 06 September, 2022, CDC Biodiversité organises a presentation of the trainings on biodiversity footprint and on the GBS tool.

The corporate biodiversity footprint assessment tool Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) was launched in May 2020 to enable companies and financial institutions to assess their impact on biodiversity and support their setting reduction targets aligned with the international and regulatory frameworks. Since then, CDC Biodiversité promotes capacity building on biodiversity assessment and supports the mainstreaming of corporate biodiversity impact assessments among economic and financial players to bend the curve of biodiversity loss.

Trainings dedicated to biodiversity footprint, the mastering of the GBS tool and its use within corporate assessments are now held to support entities willing to engage into the assessment of their impact, accompany actors interested into adding biodiversity footprint assessment to their commercial activities and boost the uptake of biodiversity assessment tools by academics and researchers.

  • Fundamentals of biodiversity footprint to understand the stakes of the biodiversity erosion and key concepts of footprint assessment
  • Biodiversity footprint & reporting for financial institutions to get familiar with biodiversity footprint framework and regulations, related risks, and tools and initiatives of the financial sector regarding biodiversity
  • GBS training Level 1 to get familiar with the good unfolding of a Biodiversity Footprint Assessment (BFA) and understand the requirements to use the GBS and its results
  • GBS training Level 2 to be able to lead the comprehensive GBS-based Biodiversity Footprint Assessment (BFA) of an organization and formulate effective recommendations

Companies, financial institutions, consultants, academics… We would love to support your commitment for biodiversity. Please join to help us do so!

Reports describing the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) are linked here. The GBS is a tool used to assess the biodiversity footprint of businesses and financial institutions.

  • More information about the trainings and registration process. Download
  • Global Biodiversity Score: Establishing an ecosystem of stakeholders to measure the biodiversity performance of human activities. 2021 update. Download
  • Measuring the contributions of business and finance towards the post-2020 global biodiversity framework – 2019 technical update. Download
  • Global Biodiversity Score: a tool to establish and measure corporate and financial commitments for biodiversity – 2018 technical update.  Download
  • Global Biodiversity Score: measuring a company’s biodiversity footprint. Report describing the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) publication as of November 2017, in particular its « crop commodity tool » to assess the footprint of crops. Download
  • Common ground in biodiversity footprint methodologies for the financial sector – CDC Biodiversité, ASN bank, ACTIAM, Finance in Motion: Working paper to move towards a common standard for biodiversity footprint for financial institutions; also relevant for non-financial businesses as most of the concepts and methodological steps are similar. Download
  • CDC Biodiversité & Schneider Electric, Assessing biodiversity footprint, the occasion to accelerate corporate biodiversity strategy – September 2020. Download