GBS developments history

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CDC Biodiversité regularly updates the GBS. Please find here the simplified GBS developments overview with information on the latest and previous developments of the GBS.

Latest developments

Version 1.4.7 > 07.11.2023

  • Oil and gas: new conversions for gasoline to crude oil have been added to the input file;
  • Products:
    • GBStoolbox: impacts for typical meals have been added (flexitarian, regular, and vegetarian)
    • GBSecoinvent: Alkyl sulphate and polyols have been added
  • New ecotoxicity methodology, based on LC-impact

Please find below simplified information on previous GBS developments.

Version 1.4.6 > 19.06.2023

  • New impact factors are added at the EXIOBASE region group level;
  • Some corrections have been made in the mining Commotool, resulting in:
    • Decrease of encroachment pressure
    • Increase of dynamic impact for most metals
  • Some corrections have been made in the livestock CommoTool: some country x item combinations were missing, resulting in an underestimation of livestock impacts from financial data
  • General bug fixes

Version 1.4.5 > 15.06.2023

  • New products are added in GBSecoinvent and GBStoolbox (biofuels, metals and plastics)
  • The EXIOBASE Explorer allows now more complex computations:
    • It is now possible to work with input lines other than Scope 1
    • You now have the option to just extract the commodities purchased in the value chain (without computing Sankey diagram and therefore reducing computation time)
  • Corrections in the mining Commotool (Copper cathode & Uranium)

GBS Version 1.4.4 > 27.02.2023

  • Oil and gas impact factors have been updated. Spatial pressures are divided by 100, HDwater per 10
  • Overfishing impact factors table has been added, in Depletion Index per catch, but there is no input files or specific outputs at the moment.
  • New products in GBSecoinvent: Photovoltaic panel single, multi Siwafer, fatty acid from coconut oil, market for organic chemical, cocamide diethanolamine, glycerine, non-ionic surfactant, ethoxylated alcohol (AE11) production from palm oil.
  • General bug fixes: The displayed unit of GHG was wrong in EXIOBASE Explorer; Summarised impacts in pivot tables were not correct when NA values were in combined_impacts.

GBS Version 1.4.3 > 25.01.2023

  • New warning and error messages inform the user of mistakes in the input files.
  • All warnings are now compiled in warnings.txt, which should be checked before analysing the results.
  • New products:
    • GBStoolbox: Aggregation of agribalyse products by categories; “at farm products”, representing the impacts at the farm of agricultural products;
    • GBSecoinvent: treatment of inert waste, inert material landfill «Group 1» changed to «Group» in the input files, because you can since 1.4.2 input data at any desired group level (not just Group 1). Former input files with «Group 1» can still be used.

GBS Version 1.4.2 > 23.10.2022

      • Integration of the Organisational data input file, allowing to take into account data from different levels.
      • Estimation of a static impact for the Climate change pressure (as an option).
      • Better tracking of the combined impacts and the underlying replacements/calculations.
      • Possibility to display generic dependencies of EXIOBASE sectors or ENCORE processes.
      • 3000 products based on Agribalyse life cycle inventories have been added to the ProductTool.
      • The impact of the extraction of Uranium has been added to the CommoTool
      • Integration of a new input file for estimating the impact of real estate mortgage.

GBS Version 1.4.1 > 2022.06.10

  • Integrates partly the organisational input file.
  • Adds the possibility to calculate downstream impacts when downstream expenses are known.
  • Allows the combination of upstream data with Tier 1 and Rest of upstream data.
  • A “year” column has been added to the financial input file. This is used for adjusting the financial information to EUR2005.
  • General bug fixes and clearer warnings.

GBS Version 1.4.0 > 2022.03.14

  • Includes new impact factors for gravel and sand, as well as updated impact factors for all Products.
  • HDCC impacts (previously calculated using financial data) are now calculated using GHG emissions data from the EXIOBASE environmental extensions.
  • The generic assessment html includes a new heatmap visualization of ecosystem service dependency scores.
  • A number of warnings/error messages have been clarified.

GBS Version 1.3.1 > 2022.01.07

  • Integrates additional products in GBStoolbox, but also via another package: GBS-ecoinvent (only available with an adequate license).
  • Fixes some bugs.

GBS Version 1.3.0 > 2021.11.03

  • Input output data have been update from EXIOBASE 3.4 to EXIOBASE 3.8.1.
  • The EXIOBASE explorer has been updated and is now ready to use.
  • There is a new output of the generic-assessment: pivot tables based on combined results.

GBS Version 1.2.2 > 2021.07.27

  • Adds results in MSAppb and MSAppb per bEUR in the outputs (results.xlsx).
  • Adds custom provisional recycled PET and recycled cardboard to the list of products in the Products data collection
  • Adds Impact factors for region groups for woodlogs (computed as mean of region Impact factors).
  • Fixes some minor problems in the computation of products impact factors (mostly affects HDwater and X).

GBS Version 1.2.1 > 2021.07.12

  • Removes Natural aggregate & Quartz Sand due to problematic impact factors. Please use perlite instead.
  • Removes Natural aggregates & Quartz Sand from the computation of Products Impact factors from PEF data, leading to a reduction of 90% of the Impact factors for spatial pressures
  • Added 7 new products, including apple juice and liquefied sugar cane
  • Updates the input files. Previous input files are still compatible.
  • Adds the possibility to feed in the GBS impacts in MSAkm2.

GBS Version 1.2.0-beta > 2021.05.25

  • Applies the share of Enterprise value to commo/pressure/products impacts.
  • Enables the option to calculate the dependency score in the generic-assessment.
  • Enables the possibility to calculate the impact associated to products (calculated from PEF), and integrate it in the assessment.

GBS Version 1.1.0 > 2021.04.07

includes price adjustments of input data, to match EXIOBASE prices, resulting in approximatively 20% reduction in impacts for 2016 data.

  • Increase computing speed of large portfolios.
  • Enables the combination of only pressure/commodata.
  • Updates mining & oil and gas impact factors.

GBS Version 1.0.1 > 2020.11.13

  • Fixes the fact that Tier 1 and Scope 2 results appeared in the results as Rest of Upstream, as well as some other minor display bugs.
  • Adds some display and output functionalities, such a:
    • the name of the Assessor
    • the location of the impacts in Pressure and Commo Outputs
    • Graphs per Group 1 or Business
    • Downstream Scope 3 in the graphs, when available
    • Tier 1 through 5 impacts (not yet available through the user interface).
  • Update the way of calculating purchases impacts and remove unnecessary packages from the installation.