Launch webinar | New publication on the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)
Join us to for the release of our newest publication « Global Biodiversity Score: Accounting for positive and negative impacts throughout the value chain »

On February 1st, 2024, CDC Biodiversité will officially release its newest publication on the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS), its biodiversity footprinting tool.
This online webinar will be the occasion to quickly introduce CDC Biodiversité and the Mission Economie de la Biodiversité (MEB), as well as our biodiversity footprinting activities.
You will also get an exclusive preview of the content of the publication, and we will focus on key new concepts, including Scope 3 impacts classification, critical dependencies on biodiversity, etc. You’ll also learn more about a biodiversity footprinting case study, on Vattenfall experience.
The detailed agenda will be communicated in the coming days.

👉 You can already register at this link.

As a reminder, CDC Biodiversité is a private subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group, the biggest public financial institution in France. It acts as a consulting and engineering firm specialized in positive actions for biodiversity, biodiversity sustainable management, and measurement of corporate biodiversity footprint. It leads the Mission Economie de la Biodiversité (MEB), a research initiative aiming at innovating on issues related to the preservation and restoration of biodiversity in France and internationally and led this new publication.


2:00 – 2:10 – Welcoming words – Arthur Campredon, Biodiversity Footprint Director at CDC Biodiversité

2:10 – 2:20 – Foreword – Biodiversity footprinting in the international and regulatory landscapes: towards bending the curve of biodiversity loss – Patrick de Cambourg, Chair of the EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Board

2:20 – 2:40 – Content – Overview and focus on the technical in-depth publication content – CDC Biodiversité’s team

2:40 – 2:50 – Case study – Assessing Vattenfall’s biodiversity footprint and setting science-based targets with the GBS – Josefin Blanck, Director Environmental Strategic Projects at Vattenfall

2:50 – 3:00 – Closing words – Join CDC Biodiversité’s ecosystem on biodiversity footprinting – Claire Blery, Head of the B4B+Club & training team at CDC Biodiversité

Launch webinar | New publication on the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)